A Year of Living Dangerously

Monday, May 30, 2005

Yep, that's me Posted by Hello

Me! Posted by Hello

Packing Up

I'm in East Aurora right now, at Dad's - hanging with the kiddos and fattening up on MS's cooking. I fly out tomorrow night from Toronto. SO, I'm in the process of packing up my bags right now. I've got my clothes all sorted out, now it's just the process of organizing all of the other things I'm taking with me - for example: my traveling medicine cabinet includes cipro, anti-malarial, benedryl, pepto, tylonol PM, asperin, oxycodine, and a bunch of others that are less appropriate for public posting. Anyway, I'm a walking pharmacy.

I'll put together a proper introduction post when I'm on the plane - lord knows I'll have 29 hours to write it. In the mean time, this is an initial post to see how well this whole blogging thing will work.